Another successful TechXploration!


On April 4th, 2013 over 160 people came through Benson 401 to see how their Wake Forest colleagues are using technology.

The second annual faculty and staff technology showcase, TechXploration, took place that snowy afternoon with 26 presenters and 18 on-campus departments represented.  The event was a great opportunity for people from all across campus to gather and learn about the exciting uses of technology at Wake Forest.

The purpose of this event is to allow faculty, staff and students to see how technologies are being leveraged in teaching, learning, research, engagement, and creative activity at Wake Forest University and facilitate an environment for campus colleagues to engage in conversations that generate new ideas. Faculty and staff were able to learn from each other on many topics including how technology can enhance language classes as well as communication with students outside the classroom; how narrative bits from social media hold promise for changing marketing methods; the exploration of video essays and digital storytelling; and many other topics. Special guest and former Provost, Dave Brown, even made a surprise visit.

Overall, faculty and staff enjoyed the opportunities to engage with their colleagues and take away some ideas to bring back to their own work. We would like to thank everyone who attended or presented at this year’s TechXploration.

Keep a watch out for our third annual event next Spring!

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