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Submit your Summer Technology Exploration Program (STEP) proposal!

STEP is a joint grant program sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Dean of the College.  Both offices have joined pedagogical forces to:

  • expand the support for Reynolda campus faculty wishing to explore technology-enhanced teaching and learning or technology-enhanced scholarly or creative work, and
  • encourage development of course materials and online courses in support of the undergraduate mission.

The grants awarded under this program will fund work undertaken during the summer by faculty of the college and ZSR, directed toward these goals:

  • To explore a range of technologies, devices, and software for teaching and learning or scholarly and creative work, and to integrate them into their work.
  • To identify and develop appropriate technologies, using these in the creation of new online courses for summer teaching, with the funding and technical support that is necessary to do so.
  • To develop pedagogic strategies to enhance teaching, learning, research, and/or creative work through the use of technology.

Many promising technologies are available to Wake Forest educators, including video and videoconferencing, smart phones and mobile computing, tablet computers including iPads and Android devices, and ebook readers. In addition, the University owns licenses for video collaboration software, and the University has two new next‐generation video conference rooms. Such technologies are encouraged as part of the proposals. However, the grant program also encourages use and development of other technologies.

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