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Wake Forest professor and chair of the Department of Communication - Dr. Ananda Mitra

Wake Forest professor for the Department of Communication – Dr. Ananda Mitra

With the support of funding from the Summer Grants for Exploration of Educational Technology (STEP), a public domain website based on social media research conducted by Wake Forest Professor Ananda Mitra was launched at the annual e-Society 2014 Conference in Madrid last month. is the outcome of nearly three years of research and international collaboration between faculty and staff of Wake Forest University, independent technology experts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the faculty and staff of Jamia Milia Islamia University in Delhi, India.

With the increasing availability and adoption of digital tools by everyday people, this website intends to change the way in which consumable media operates in our lives.

Professor Mitra argues that the digital discourses we produce are tiny narrative bits (called narbs – see that, in summation, make up the story of our lives.  The stories behind these “narbs” are represented visually and analyzed as attitude maps or narrative maps at

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