Wake Forest University is a leader in the creation and application of technology. Our students learn more effectively because they and their faculty have been given the best tools, and more importantly, because the campus is a hotbed of innovation in applying technology for teaching, learning, scholarship, and creative activity.

Highlights of Wake Forest University application of technology

  • The first major university to issue laptop computers to every student.
  • The first university to provide WebEx video collaboration tools to every faculty, staff, and student.
  • Among the first universities to deploy Google+ for Education.
  • One of the first places to combine 3D imagery with live dancers in public performance.
  • An early (2000) creator of mobile applications to enhance learning and campus life.

Highlights of Wake Forest University Inventions

  • Biobook, far beyond a textbook, it is an interactive and adaptive learning environment.
  • Fibercell, a next generation solar cell with extraordinary efficiency.
  • Purelux, a revolutionary light source that is efficient, rugged, and attractive.
  • Digital Ants, a new approach to detecting and preventing computer viruses.
  • Vac-patch, which accelerates wound healing.
  • Tissue engineering, growing replacement organs outside the body.

At Wake Forest, creation, invention, and collaboration is part of the fabric of campus. Intimate engagement of faculty and students is who we are. We create technology to advance our mission of pro humanitatae, and we use technology to achieve our purpose.  Please take time to browse the pages on the latest happenings at Wake Forest.

Have a technology story to share with campus?  Please email bowmkm0@wfu.edu

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